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Refrigeration Air Dryer

Refrigeration compressed air dryer ของเราแก้ปัญหาเหล่านี้ได้
- Water Vapor - Water Aerosols - Atmospheric Dirt - Pipescale - Oil Aerosols
- Condensed Water - Micro-Organisms - Rust - Liquid Oil - Oil Vapor

CFC Free environmentally friendly refrigerant

High efficiency heat exchanger & Condenser

Steady dew point

Security and reliability

Humanized structure design

Wide application



•  Capacity 80 – 550 m3/min

•  High efficiency with Shell & Tube heat exchanger

•  Cooling type : Air/Water

•  Pressure dew point 2-10 oC

SSD Series


•  Capacity 0.6 – 6.0 m3/min

•  Using 304S stainless steel for heat exchanger, water separator and air connections can avoid the secondary pollution to air quality

•  Can be directly used for food and medicine

•  Cooling type : Air

•  Pressure dew point 2-10 oC

PD Series


•  Capacity 6 .5– 180 m3/min

•  PD series dryer adopts thickened aluminum alloy of heat exchanger

•  Cooling type : Air/Water

•  Pressure dew point 2-10 oC

Desiccant  Air Dryer

If you require extremely dry air – a desiccant dryer is more suitable
Special design of Q-Air desiccant can make the uniform airflow, reduce the pressure loss and can achieve 
excellent dew point.


•  Capacity 2– 200 m3/min

•  Adsorption tower bottom by supporting porcelain ball, which make the air flow distribution more uniform

•  Pressure dew point -20 oC, - 40 oC, -70 oC

Air Filter & Water Separator

QAG Series Compressed Air Filter

Overall design
QAG Series Compressed Air Filter

    QAG series filter elements adopt special anti-leakage technology, assuring filtering effect.

Good non-corrodibility

    QAG series filter shells adopt anodic oxidation treatment for its surface.

Good hydrophobicity of filter material

    QAG series filter shells adopt genuine boron silicate glass fiber of American brand with small mist rapidly, and reduce pressure drop.

User-friendly design with flange shell

    Flange shells adopt user-friendly, convenient for replacement of filter elements.

QWS High Efficiency Water Separator


    Q-Air separator are design to remove liquid condensate from the compressed air. It has 99 % efficiency and
extremely low differential pressure

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