Q-Air engineer & technicians team are available to assist in the design, installation, start-up & commissioning to ensure the machine is optimal performance running. We are also to provide overall solution at the pre sales stage, undertake communication during sales to meet customer’s requirement and provide sustained after-sales technical support.  
●  Oil Injected Screw Compressor     (Belt Drive / Gear Drive / Direct Drive)
●  VSD Compressor
●  Reciprocating Compressor 
●  Gas Compressor 
●  Oil Free Screw Compressor 
●  Centrifugal Compressor 
●  Portable Compressor 
●  Turbo Blower 
●  Vacuum Pump
●  Compressor for Mining 
●  Low Pressure Compressor 
●  Two Stage Compressor 
●  Downstream Equipment     (Air Tank, Air Filter, Dryer, etc.) 
●  Expender Generator 
●  Chiller 
●  Drill Tool 
●  Totally Solution Support

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